This is the thinking behind Climate Action 100+ ( 100+), a global investor-engagement group. Founded in 2017, it now has 575 members, together holding over $50trn-worth of assets. They include asset owners, such as Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, as well as asset managers. 100+ has mostly asked companies to do three things: set decarbonisation targets, disclose their climate risk and improve governance around those risks. Initially 100+ investors focused their efforts on the 100 publicly listed firms which were the biggest emitters (hence the 100). Most of them are oil giants, utilities or industrials. It has since added another 60 or so firms (hence the “+”). This week it announced a set of criteria, such as green capital spending, which it will use to judge the progress of the firms. 100+ has notched up some successes. In February Shell, an Anglo-Dutch oil company, announced that it will reduce the emissions from its operations and all its products to net zero by 2050. The 100+ claimed much credit for that, as it did for similar pledges made by 100+ from changes that would have happened anyway. Green corporate pledges are coming thick and fast. Since 2018, the number of firms that have signed up to set emission goals in accordance with the Science-Based Targets Initiative ( s which ensure firms’ green commitments are rigorous, has increased from 216 to over 1250 today. Meanwhile, firms committed to reporting data along the lines of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures ( ), a climate-risk reporting standard favoured by regulators and investors, have grown from 580 to 1,884. 100+, The Economist has created a portfolio of about 100 firms that are large emitters but are not engaged by the investor group. The portfolio roughly matches the 100+ firms in terms of sectors and regions represented. Judged by two criteria, climate-risk disclosure and target setting, the impact of i, compared to around 25% in our portfolio. And roughly 40% of , compared to about 30% in the control group. In both groups, the firms that set a green goal tend to be the small polluters. Among 100+ firms, those which have set targets represent about a third of the market value but only a fifth of the carbon footprint.


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Lack of doses forces Kerry Lack of doses forces Kerry's biggest vaccine centre to close for a week The HSE said vaccinations would return to Tralee’s MTU next week and all available vaccines had been utilised fully Staff at the Kerry Sports Academy at the Munster Technological University in Tralee were informed of the shutdown on Friday. Picture: Domnick Walsh Kerry’s biggest vaccine hub has closed for a week, due to a shortage of vaccines. Staff at the Kerry Sports Academy at the Munster Technological University (MTU) in Tralee were informed of the shutdown on Friday. Last week, GPs in Killarney, tasked with rolling out vaccines to the over-70s, were told they would not be getting their allocations.  However, the Killarney vaccine hub will roll into action for the first time this week for the cohort 4 age group, the HSE said, in response to the shutdown of the Tralee centre. The 2,000-capacity Tralee centre was commissioned at the end of March for the cohort 4 category of people between 16 and 69 at very high risk from Covid-19. It had already been used for the vaccinations of some frontline healthcare workers. The Tralee centre has 25 booths and a maximum capacity to vaccinate up to 2,000 people a day and operate seven days a week.  The maximum capacity depended on vaccine supply and will not be reached until later in the rollout, health authorities had said. Kerry has two centres. The county’s second, and smaller vaccine centre, in a sports arena in Killarney, is to roll into action this week for cohort 4 category in that region – people between 16 and 69 at very high risk from Covid-19 – the HSE said. The vaccination centres were established as a joint project between the South/South West Hospital Group and Cork Kerry Community Healthcare. GP practices last week in Killarney found they were being left without Covid-19 vaccines for their over-70s age group who were scheduled to come to surgeries.  The GPs were told last Wednesday their expected delivery this week – mainly of the Pfizer vaccine – would not take place.  The cancellation notice to doctors in Kerry, Cork arrived from the HSE without explanation or warning, Killarney GP Gary Stack said. The HSE said “regrettably, vaccine allocation remains limited by supply”. This was due to “higher numbers in the age group and limited volumes available for allocation,” it said. The HSE said on Monday that vaccinations would return to Tralee’s MTU next week and all available vaccines had been utilised fully. Supply will increase over the coming weeks, the HSE anticipates, and both centres will operate for age-related cohorts, it said.